Keep Your Passwords Safe | Create Your Own Password Keepers

I just wonder why do people are whiling to buy costly software to keep their passwords secure while they can keep them secure by themselves. You can keep your login passwords secure by using windows software and a little trick. Here in this post I'm just gonna show you one simple trick using Microsoft excel. For less likelihood of errors please follow steps wisely. Run Microsoft excel and select new sheet. (By default excel opens new sheet. see Illustration).

 Select first two columns and adjust their width. (TIP: by holding control click and selecting columns lets you select multiple columns at a time, and, having selected multiple columns lets you adjust same width.) Dedicate first column for account of which password you want to remember, and, second one for password. 
Now press Alt+F key and select save as workbook save dialogue box appears.

In the left bottom of dialogue box hit tools button and select general options.
 Selecting general options gives you password dialogue box which lets you secure whole your data (passwords) securely.
  You will see two passwords one is to open another one is to modify. here is a little trick to avoid you to change your excel sheet coincidently. Enter same password in both the fields, confirm password and hit okay and then save. At the time of viewing you will be asked to enter two passwords enter just one and hit read only just for viewing only. if you want to modify you need to enter both.
This will be the only password you need to remember.and it will be your own simple easy password keeper. Share with friends and for questions and queries please ask for help.

Seach Enginge Optimization Tips | Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Being a webmaster or a publisher the biggest problem you encounter is to drive traffic on your blog. You will see some scams claim to increase traffic on your site but its useless because they generate fake page impressions. The only source which can be more handy to drive traffic to your blog or site is "Search Engine Optimization". You can re-direct lots of traffic for free you just need to optimize your site for search engines. ( Google , Yahoo , Bing and etc ). Some people find it hard to Optimize their site according to search engines. No worries i'm here to give you vital tips on SEO.
  1. Use meta tags for keywords and description.
  2. Use google keywords tool to generate suitable keywords.
  3. Use google publisher tools.
    1. google webmasters
    2. google analytics
  4. Ping your blog after each published post.
  5.  Keep your blog alive by keeping it updated.
  6. Post healthy content.

    Tutorials for the techniques discussed above will be posted soon. Please make sure you subscribe us for more updates.

How To Use Google Webmaster -Google Webmaster Tutorial

How to use Google webmaster tools to increase traffic on your site? A big question. Dont Worry Blog Tipster is here to resolve this problem, here is small tutorial about Google webmaster and Google search engine. This video explains a lot about Google method of searching websites and crawling them.

Repalcing Default Comments Box With Facebook Comments In Blogger

Replace your default comments box with dynamic facebook comments to generate more traffic to your blog. 

 Go to and grab the comments box code leaving the url field blank. 

now paste that code in notepad  select Edit>>>replace and replace starting tags with "<" and ending tags with ">" without quotes.

now find hre field and add <data:post.url/> in this parameter.
copy this code and go to your blogger account click DESIGN and then EDIT HTML and make sure you check expand widget templates.
go and find the following code

and just after this code add <div id = 'fb-comments'> </div> and place your code just before </div> and hit save template.

you're almost done. lastly go to setting and click comments and check hide comments and save your blog setting. You're don now.


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